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OPTEX GROUP provides new values, applying sensing technology and lighting technology.

OPTEX GROUP Company Limited has transitioned to a holding company structure since January 2017 in order to define management responsibilities of 'the group as a whole' and 'individual operating companies', and has embarked on a new chapter in its history as a company aiming at enhancing the business values of the entire group.

OPTEX was established in 1979, setting as its goal of 'contributing to the creation of a safe, secure and comfortable society and industries with sensing technology which enables the precise detection of the 'status' and 'changes' of people and things'. One year after the establishment, we developed and marketed the world's first automatic door sensor using far infrared rays. Since then, we have been providing high originality products and services in niche areas, expanding our diverse business to such fields as security, factory automation, etc.
Today, a wide range of information, which is acquired by this expansion of business fields, is our greatest property in shaping the potential challenges and needs of customers.

OPTEX GROUP will create new solutions, making valuable proposals to diversifying clients, and evolving sensing technology by seeing invisible things, and monitoring states and defects, introducing various elemental technology in addition to sensing and lighting technology.

With its venture spirit, OPTEX GROUP will endeavor to become a global niche No.1 company in each industry in order to create new values which will maximize customer satisfaction.
Please look forward to the continued evolution of OPTEX GROUP.

Executive Chairman  Isamu Oguni
President  Tatsuya Nakajima