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OPTEX GROUP will address issues in society through our business to see things that cannot be seen.

At OPTEX GROUP, we have set the Group Philosophy: We aim to become a corporate group with the spirit of a venture company. We understand that our most important mission is to create a safe, secure, comfortable, and highly efficient society and industries and enable our people and companies to achieve growth by serving as a place for every employee to achieve self-actualization.

OPTEX was founded in 1979. We commercialized the world’s first automatic door sensor using far infrared rays in the following year. Since then, we have been providing highly distinctive products and services in niche areas, expanding our diverse business to such fields as security and factory automation. Today, we engage in activities to give shape to issues and the potential needs of customers, with our greatest asset being the wide-ranging knowledge that we have acquired in various parts of the world through our expansion of our field of business.

Today, the world demands solutions to complex issues, including initiatives to address climate change, other environmental problems, and geopolitical risks. In these circumstances, we will create new solutions, making valuable proposals to diversifying clients, and evolving sensing technology by seeing that which cannot be seen, and monitoring states and defects, introducing various elemental technology in addition to sensing and lighting technology in pursuit of solutions to social issues.

We will press ahead as a corporate group which aims to be the No. 1 global niche company in each industry with the important tasks of creating new value which maximizes customer satisfaction and building a sustainable society.
We hope that you are as excited as we are about the future of OPTEX GROUP, which continues to contribute to the development of society and continues to evolve by transforming its own actions and creating new businesses with the spirit of a new venture.

President / CEOTatsuya Nakajima Executive Vice PresidentToru Kamimura