Basic Sustainability Policy

Approach to Sustainability

OPTEX GROUP has from the beginning built its business on expertise in sensing technology, with the aim of contributing to industry and the creation of a safe, secure and comfortable society. We have been aiming to become the “No. 1 global niche” sensor manufacturer by expanding our work to remove “negatives” from various negativities such as anxieties, discomforts and inconveniences (不安 “fuan”, 不快 “fukai” and 不便 “fuben”) that exist in the world (“Futoru” (=negatives “fu” eliminating) business).

We are confident that we will be able to contribute to solving environmental and social issues by continuing to promote this “negatives eliminating business,” while at the same time harnessing this to expand each business and enhance our corporate value.
Based on this, the Group has formulated the following basic sustainability policy, with the aim of contributing to the sustainable development of society and enhancing the corporate value by promoting activities based on this policy.

Basic Sustainability Policy

  • We will strengthen relationships with all stakeholders and contribute to the sustainable growth of society.
  • We aim to achieve recycling-oriented business management through the supply of environmentally friendly products.
  • We aim to achieve sustainable growth and development of each Group company by improving employee engagement.