To Our Shareholders and Investors

Isamu Oguni Executive Chairman / Tatsuya Nakajima President

Isamu Oguni Executive Chairman

Tatsuya Nakajima President

Our preparations for sustainable growth are progressing smoothly through efforts to further strengthen solution proposals.

In the first half of the fiscal year under review (ending December 31, 2023), consolidated net sales stood at ¥27,200 million (down 0.2% year on year) and operating profit came to ¥2,700 million (down 26% year on year), reflecting persistent global inflation, the impact of concerns about an economic slowdown in Europe and the United States, and restrained capital investment in semiconductor-related and other products. Uncertainty will likely remain in the market environment in the second half of the fiscal year under review, and the Group expects net sales and operating profit to be ¥57,000 million and ¥6,500 million in FY2023.

The Group’s initiatives toward sustainable growth are progressing smoothly. The Group is striving to expand the business of providing solutions through the active development of direct marketing in the Sensing Solution (SS) business, and to strengthen high value-added products and solutions to meet the demand for automation and labor saving in the manufacturing industry in the Industrial Automation (IA) business.

The Group determines dividends with a dividend payout ratio target of 30%, taking into account a balance between reinforcing the management fundamentals and paying a stable dividend. In the current fiscal year, the Group plans to pay an annual dividend of ¥40 per share, an increase of ¥4 from the previous fiscal year.

We appreciate the continued understanding and support of our shareholders and investors.