Optex Group's Management Plan

Management Objectives

We aim to achieve the following management objectives by growing group companies and acquiring new business through M&A etc.

net sales
¥56.3 billion ¥61.0 billion ¥67.0 billion ¥75.0 billion
operating profit
¥5.89 billion ¥6.6 billion ¥8.0 billion ¥10.0 billion
operating margin
11 11 12 13
Management Objectives

Growth Strategy of Business Segments

The main segments are the "SS (Sensing Solution) Business" that contributes to a safe, secure and comfortable society, and the "IA (Industrial Automation) Business" that contributes to the automation of factory production and inspection.

SS Business (Security Sensor segment)

Promote new initiatives tailored to overseas security market trends.

Efforts in the residential market


Customers want to check the site with images


Promotion of Visual Verification
Business with Interconnected
Operation of Sensors and Cameras

Camera-equipped sensors
Promotion of OEM and
enhancement of our brand

SS Business
SS Business

IA Business (FA segment)

Aim for business expansion by taking advantage of group synergies and developing new customers.

Expansion of customer segment

Traditional Customer

Three product industries
(Foods, pharmaceuticals,


New Customer

Electrical, electronics, and
semiconductor industries
Automobile industry

We expand sales of high-value-added displacement sensors by operating to customer base of CCS in addition to traditional Optex FA customer.

Measurement of brake disc thickness

Measurement of brake disc thickness

Measurement of substrate tilt/warp

Measurement of substrate tilt/warp

Pursue synergies through co-development of products,
joint production, and total proposal

IA Business (MVL segment)

Expand solutions to aim for further increase in market share

Accelerate solution proposal


Proposal combining
camera and lens for lighting


From now on

Analysis system
Custom products and services

We propose total products and technologies to respond to the inspection needs required at the factory, not just product sales.

mvl Business


Systems (boards, units) +
Custom products and services

M&A Policy

Looking forward to the creation of new operating companies, together with growth of the entire Group,
through our M&A strategy in security, factory automation sensors.

M&A Policy