Products and Services Helping Resolve Social Issues

e-Smooth Sensor: Automatic Door Sensor for Energy Efficiency

Countries around the world face a major challenge of constructing social infrastructure that can be safely and easily used by anyone, including elderly people, people with disabilities and children. For instance, automatic doors are key features that allow anyone to enter facilities smoothly without stress, since large, heavy doors open and close automatically. With hands-free operation, they are helpful for hygiene control at hospitals and food factories.
Optex Co. Ltd. offers automatic door sensors that detect human movements with high accuracy to help operate automatic doors safely. In particular, the recently released e-Smooth Sensor capitalizes on sensor and imaging technologies to identify walking speed and direction, reducing unnecessary opening operations triggered by pedestrians passing by an automatic door. Operating doors only when necessary, it improves air conditioning efficiency in buildings and leads to power consumption that is approximately 30% lower than that with conventional automatic door sensors. This product has been certified as a Shiga Low-Carbon Brand* for its contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

* A program launched by the Shiga Prefectural Government to certify products and services with CO2 reduction effect that contribute to energy efficiency and creation

Image of Cold Air and Warm Air

Cold Air and Warm Air
The e-Smooth Sensor detects the direction of human movement to reduce unnecessary operations of the automatic door.

Image of Optex Automatic Door Viewer

Optex Automatic Door Viewer
A smart device app that lets you view the environmental contribution rate and other data

Intrusion Detection Sensor for Outdoor Warning to Achieve Security of Public Facilities

Amid a recent increase in crimes and terrorist attacks against infrastructure in Japan and overseas, tighter security is in growing demand for international events and others.
Optex Co., Ltd. is one of the first to focus on the importance of outdoor crime prevention by issuing alerts before intrusion takes place. In 1996, it developed an intrusion detection sensor for outdoor warning. It was designed to accurately operate in outdoor conditions with rain, sunlight, wind and other factors that may cause malfunction. In 2001, importance of outdoor sensors became recognized across the globe amid the shift of the security concept from reporting to prevention. Especially in Europe and other overseas regions, pre-crime security, in which intruders are detected and reported before their intrusion into buildings, is spreading to general households. Illegal intrusion and crime can occur irrespective of whether residents are present or not. Pre-crime security is intended to recognize the existence of intruders at an early stage for reporting and defensive responses to achieve security.
Optex’s intrusion detection sensor is so highly regarded for its reliability that it has been adopted in buildings and facilities around the world. It holds a global market share of nearly 40% in this domain.

Image of Sensor for Outdoor Warning
Image of Sensor for Outdoor Warning
Image of Sensor for Outdoor Warning

Industrial Sensors and LED Lighting Addressing Issues Facing Manufacturers

The Japanese working population aged 15 to 64 has been shrinking since peaking in 1992 and the labor shortage is now a serious social issue. Meanwhile, with the recent increase in complicated and elaborate industrial products, a higher level of precision is now required from production and inspection.
The Optex Group’s industrial sensors and LED lighting helps address the labor shortage by mechanizing detection of products that flow at a high speed on the production line, visual and dimensional inspections and other processes traditionally performed by human labor. They also contribute to improving quality as they help discover scratches and processing, printing and others errors that are difficult to discern with the human eye.
In the Optex Group, Optex FA Co., Ltd. and CCS Inc., which respectively deal mainly with industrial sensors and with LED lighting for image inspections, combine their individual strengths to provide solutions that are truly helpful to customers.

Image of Industrial Sensors and LED Lighting
Image of Industrial Sensors and LED Lighting
Image of Industrial Sensors and LED Lighting

Simplified Water Quality Measurement System for a Safe Water Environment

Vital to human health and life, securing safe drinking water is a major challenge not only in developing countries but also in developed countries facing water shortages linked to population growth. In fact, diseases attributable to unsanitary water claim the lives of 1.8 million children worldwide each year.
Optex Co., Ltd. markets a simplified water quality measurement system mainly in China. Serving to expand the safe water environment, it performs simplified measurement of water quality at sewage treatment plants, rivers and other locations and automatically collects measurement data. In the past, water quality measurement was time and cost intensive because water samples taken in measurement areas had to be brought to an analysis center. With the use of IoT technologies, the system allows managers at remote locations to instantly view and manage water quality at different measurement areas. In the event of an abnormality in water quality, they can respond immediately. The system allows anyone to easily measure water quality.

WATER it Quick Test & Monitoring
Image of Simplified Water Quality Measurement System
Image of Simplified Water Quality Measurement System